Dy'on Flat Snap Flash Bridle


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Dy'on Flat Snap Flash Bridle

The Dy'on Flat Snap Flash Bridle from the Dy'on Working Collection has all the sturdy durability you need and convenient snaps on the cheeks and throat latch. English horse bridle has a removable flash strap with loop on the cavesson. This bridle does not include reins.

  • Buffalo leather
  • Anatomic crown
  • Flat leather noseband and browband
  • Removable flat flash strap
  • Bit cheek pieces with steel snaps
  • Throat latch with adjustment snap
  • Steel buckles
  • Brown, Black

Dy'on Flat Snap Flash Bridle is very practical for horses in training. The cheek snaps allow you to easily change bits, even with the bridle still on the horse. The clip for the throat latch allows you to tack up quicker and still be able to adjust the throat latch. The design also positions the throat latch closer to the horse's throat, rather than angling toward the cheek. The flat leather noseband gives the rider a bit more communication and direction for the horse. Dy'on Flat Flash Bridle with Snaps has a contoured padded crown for comfort and a pleasing, low profile look. The buffalo leather is supple and strong enough for frequent use. This Dy'on bridle does not include reins, but Mary's has an excellent selection of reins to suit your needs.

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