Cashel Crusader Fly Masks

Cashel Company

$27.99 - $38.99
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Cashel Crusader Fly Masks - All Styles

Cashel Crusader Fly Masks provides excellent protection for your horse against UV rays and annoying insects. The sleek look and close fit on your horse's face still leaves plenty of room for the eyes. Mary's has Cashel Crusader Fly Masks in standard style, with ears, with mule ears, and in specialty colors.

  • Grey
  • Fundraiser color varieties
  • Up to 70% UV protection
  • Ears, No Ears, Mule Ears
  • Standard, Long Nose

Crusader Fly Masks from Cashel do not have fluffy fleece at the edges, so they're a great choice for horses that are bedded in shavings or exposed to stickers and burrs. The secure wide closure helps keep the protective fly mask comfortable in place. Cashel Crusader Fly Masks in all versions are a proven best seller at Mary's! Comes in several sizes including Yearling, Arab, Horse and Warmblood sizes.

Crusader Fly Masks with color trim are part of a charity donation collection at Cashel. For each fly mask sold, Cashel donates 5% of the proceeds to charities. Orange trimmed masks benefit Animal Rescue. Pink trimmed masks benefit Breast Cancer Research. Blue trimmed masks benefit Wounded Warrior Project.

(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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