Stable Wraps and Bandages

Stable Wraps & Bandages

For owners whose horses are frequently in the stall, leg safety is a main concern. Stocking up is a common ailment that happens when fluids settle in the legs because of the hard surface of the stall floor and the lack of space to move around, causing discomfort for your horse's lower legs. Injury is another possibility, and many horses develop cuts or scrapes from kicking at stall walls. It's always a good idea to wrap your horse's legs with a stable wrap or bandage when you know he'll be in a stall, and Mary's Tack carries a large selection for just about any situation imaginable. Jack's stable bandages like the No Bow Wraps come in a variety of sizes to ensure the most comfortable fit for your horse, and they are insulated with foam to eliminate pressure point discomfort. Mary's also carries flannel quilts that are padded for comfort, or flannel stable wraps made of 100 percent cotton that is breathable and absorbent. Wilker's bandages are another popular choice because of their water-resistant fiber fillings and comfortable, non-abrasive cotton undersides. For the lowest prices on a wide selection of stable wraps and bandages, shop Mary's Tack and Feed.