Camelot Leadline Saddle Kit


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Camelot Leadline Saddle Kit

Camelot Leadline Saddle Kit is the perfect English saddle for the smallest competitors. Children's leadline saddle is a sturdy synthetic saddle that includes T-lock stirrup leathers that don't create bulk under the leg. The 24" girth has stainless steel roller buckles. Billets are a soft, flexible polyurethane.

  • Synthetic construction
  • Includes 24" girth
  • Includes stirrup leathers
  • Secure size 12 seat
  • Grab strap
  • Adjustable panels                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Classic looking black saddle is all synthetic construction so it's easy to wipe down for cleaning. The Leadline Saddle features unique velcro panels that can be adjusted wider or narrower to fit the horse or pony. Children will sit securely with the angled cantle and raised pommel with convenient hand hold strap. Camelot Leadline Saddle Kit is an easy, affordable way to get the littles in the show ring!

Please note, this saddle is not intended for independent riding and does not qualify for the Mary's Saddle Trial program.

(No reviews yet)