Breyer Unicorn Foal Surprise


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Breyer Stablemates Unicorn Foal Surprise - Assorted

The Breyer Unicorn Foal Surprise set has extra magic in store for your little unicorn enthusiast. Each set of mare and stallion unicorns has a mystery unicorn foal hidden in the packaging. Open the castle inside the box to find the unicorn foal just waiting to join its parents. There are three assorted sets of unicorns so colors and styles vary.

  • Stablemates 1:32 scale
  • Ages 4+
  • Three sets, each sold separately
  • Sold as assorted styles- all are a surprise!
  • Three figures included with each set

Unicorn Foal Surprise sets feature truly adorable little unicorn models with metallic accents, shimmery coats, and a variety of poses. This makes such a great little gift! The recipient will have the initial surprise of the two unicorn models then a second surprise when the open the castle for the baby reveal. Breyer Stablemates Unicorn Foal Surprise is a beautiful unicorn family to add to your child's Breyer collection.

(No reviews yet)