The Secret To Maximizing The Life of Your Boots

19th May 2020

The Secret To Maximizing The Life of Your Boots

Riding boots are the work horses of equestrian riding gear! Your riding boots take you saddle,

around the barn, and often off for a bite to eat (admit it, you like wearing your boots around town!)

Here are tips to extend the loving relationship you've developed with your fav boots.

• Ride every day? Have a spare pair of boots. Daily wear can damage leather. Leather needs time to dry from sweat otherwise boots lose shape & warp. Shop riding boot favorites such as Ariat Heritage Contour II FieldEgo7 Aries Dress, and DeNiro Amabile Dress.

• After riding remove dirt and dust with a cloth or soft brush.

• Zippers are important too! Use a dry, soft toothbrush or try Hypofekt

• Unless boots are waterproof, keep them out of the wash racks. Water is not a friend to leather boots. Keep rain boots in your tack room or cover with overshoes such as Mouillere for Men and Women or Superior Rubber Overshoes for Women or Tingley Rubber Overshoes for Men.

• Use a VERY lightly damp cloth to remove stubborn sweat, and grime left after riding.

• Polish boots with quality boot polish like Ariat Boot Cream - avoid the inside calf area.

• Use a boot tree like Ariat Boot Trees to help keep the shape you want, not what sweat or dampness has in mind. 

Check out these easy to use products!

All in one kit to make your boots happy! Like this one by Shannon Peters Show Ring Shine Boot Care Kit.

Ariat 1-step way to clean, polish, condition, and protect your paddock boots and tall boots.

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