​The 5 BEST Things About Tent Sale

​The 5 BEST Things About Tent Sale

19th Feb 2019

The Mary's Tack & Feed Tent Sale is a highly anticipated annual event that inspires horse owners to stock up on supplies, snag bargains, and score free goodies along the way. The 2019 Mary's Tent Sale is March 1-3, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so start planning your weekend!

The store is closed on Thursday February 28 so the remarkable transformation can occur. A huge tent goes up in the parking lot and tons of merchandise plus the registers are set up inside. The main store fills up with extra merchandise, including blow-out priced tack that early birds snap up. All employees of Mary's Tack work every hour of the sale and there are dozens of temporary helpers, fondly called Temparoonies, that make the shopping experience enjoyable. There is so much to love about this not-to-be-missed sale! Let's hit the highlights:

1. The Bargains. Everything that can possibly be on sale is on sale. All the closeout merchandise, recent markdowns, seasonal apparel, tack, supplements, dog supplies, horse blankets, treats... it's all out there at a sale price. Plus, Mary's Points & Perks loyalty clubbers will earn points on many eligible items. There is a convenient Holds area by the tent so you can drop off your selections and keep scooping up deals with both hands.

2. The Vendors. The vendor representatives make the Mary's Tent Sale a priority every year. They are here to give personal advice and information to help you make smart decisions about supplements, breeches, boots, fly control, clipping, pet nutrition, and more. They give away samples and coupons and are a fantastic resource for horse and pet owners. They pitch in and help in every department. Many a Tent Sale shopper has been personally fitted in Romfh breeches by Laura Romfh herself!

3. The Bucket. Getting a free bucket at the Mary's Tent Sale is a yearly tradition for many. Each day of the sale, Mary's gives away hundreds of Miller 8qt buckets that are put to good use at barns throughout southern California. Once you've shopped and paid for your purchases, you'll exit the tent and get your bucket, one per customer. This year the bucket giveaway is sponsored by Mary's, EQyss, and Horse Guard and the bucket color is.... come to the sale and find out!

4. The Freebies. In addition to the legendary bucket, there are numerous drawings, prizes, random giveaways, and luxury shopping sprees. There's a free shuttle from the parking lot and there's even a free lunch! Every year a local 501(c)3 organization works the barbecue concession, providing hot dogs, chips, and drinks, with tips & donations greatly appreciated. This year, the Lakeside Polo Youth Foundation will be grilling up a storm to earn support for their student horsemanship program.

5. The Reunions. All your friends will be there. Everyone you ride with, rode with, and trained with when you were a kid. Your barn owner, your equine chiropractor, and their friends and dogs will be there on at least one day and probably more. There are always hugs, laughter, shrieks of surprise, and a super fun atmosphere. Don't miss it! Mark your calendar, make your plans, and come have a great time at the 2019 Mary's Tent Sale!