Pampering Your Horse With A Spa Day

4th May 2018

Pampering Your Horse With A Spa Day

Spring has sprung, and the promise of sunshine and warmth is here! The winter doldrums brought on by cloudy cold days and drizzly rain might have your pony looking a little fuzzy around the edges. Time to roll up your sleeves, use a little elbow grease, and pamper that pony!

  • Before you start, consider using an oil-based hoof conditioner as a barrier to protect your horse’s feet from too much moisture. ( Mary’s has many amazing hoof conditioners in stock )
  • Pulling your horse’s mane is best done after a good ride!
  • It’s best to leave the clipping of facial and fetlock hair until after your horse is clean and dry.
  • Grab your favorite shampoos, conditioners, sponges, and a bucket. ( Mary’s has a wide selection of all your favorite bathing products)
  • Wet your horses body thoroughly before adding shampoo. This allows loose dirt to come off your horse and you can do a deep clean.
  • Use separate sponges for face, genitals and other problem areas. This will keep you from cross contaminating bacteria. Also, don’t share sponges with other horses.
  • Thoroughly rinse off all soap. Soap left on will keep the coat from shining and may leave itchy reside. Don’t use too much soap or put soap on your horse’s face if he doesn’t like having his face rinsed off.
  • Use a sweat scraper to take off excess water. Water left on your horse’s body will act as an insulator and cause overheating and/or heat stress.
  • Towel dry your horse’s legs and hand walk in the sun. This prevents your horse from getting the dreaded scratches! Moisture is the culprit of many skin conditions.
  • For tips on tail care check out our post: Tips for a Top Tail
Spa Days are a great way to bond with your horse and have them looking and feeling their best. If your horse has any allergies, skin conditions, or sensitivities to certain ingredients – a friendly Mary’s staff member will be happy to help you find something that works for you