No-Stirrup November: 5 Reasons to Do It and How Mary's Can Make it Better!

2nd Dec 2017

No-Stirrup November: 5 Reasons to Do It and How Mary's Can Make it Better!

“Drop your stirrups!” Ugh… one of the things we dread hearing from our trainer… but there are benefits to riding without stirrups, so take it like a champ and remember all these positive reasons why:

  1. Develop your seat. Finding a deep, secure and balanced seat will result in better communication with your horse.
  2. Improve your core strength. You’ll engage more of the muscles in your back, abdomen and legs. With these strengthened muscles, you will not rely so much on your stirrups… when you get them back.
  3. Improve your balance and posture. And your confidence! Practice does make perfect and the more you ride without your stirrups, the easier it will become.
  4. Because George Morris said so.
  5. It gives you a reason to pamper yourself! Hellooooooo, Spa Day!!! A massage will be music to your ears, especially after your first lesson. Awakening Body Lotion is a great everyday body lotion and perfect for an at home special massage treat!

How Mary’s can make it better!

Get a Grip!

Mary’s carries many helpful items that can get you through your initial sans stirrup riding sessions:

  • Full-seat breeches are a great option to help give you an extra grip in the saddle while you build up your skills.
    • A Mary’s staff favorite, the Ariat Olympia Acclaim, provides a fashionable, 4-way stretch material along with smooth lines and fit.
    • USG Vivien full seat breeches have a unique fabric fiber that is lightweight and keeps you cool in hot weather.
    • Many Mary’s customers favor the Romfh Sarafina full seat breech for its super comfortable, moisture- wicking fabric.
  • You can also tackify what you already have!
    • Pharmaka Guter Sitz-Sit Tite Cream can be applied to your saddle to help give your seat an extra grip. Made with all natural ingredients, so it is safe for you and your leather.

We hope you’re as excited for No Stirrup November as we are! Give us a call if you’ve got any questions 800.551.MARY (6279), we’re always here to help.