New Horse Essentials

New Horse Essentials

21st Sep 2018

You’ve taken lessons for a while and are finally ready to take the plunge into horse ownership - congratulations! You worked closely with your trainer to find the perfect-for-you mount and did your due diligence with vetting and a trial. Purchasing the horse was just the first step. There are many things you may need to purchase for your new equine best friend – here are the absolute essentials to get you headed on the right path.

Halter and a Lead rope – These will be your most essential everyday item for your new horse. Halters and l eads are made from a variety of materials including leather, nylon, rope, cotton, or a combination of these materials. Leather is the most traditional choice. Leather halters are sturdier and long lasting. Another feature is they will break if a horse pulls back – possibly preventing your horse from being seriously injured in the process. Nylon is affordable and durable when not left out in the elements. One bad winter out in the rain, followed by scorching in the sun will leave the material stiff and unusable. Breakaway styles are a great combination of leather and nylon providing the best of both worlds. Often newly purchased horses will come with a halter and lead from its previous owner (and might be legally required in some states). Don’t let the freebies deter you from really personalizing your gear through your favorite colors or nameplates.

Grooming and First Aid Kit - Many barns may offer communal supplies; your barn might be one of them. If your barn doesn’t offer these, don’t fret! You can easily accumulate a good starter collection at Mary’s. For grooming you’ll want a sturdy hoof pick , a curry comb , a firm brush and a soft brush , and you can’t forget a body sponge for bathing. (If you are looking to splurge the HAAS brushes are very plush, and the Hands-on grooming gloves are great for bonding with your new equine friend).

It’s important to keep your veterinarian’s number handy and call them if something happens, but it is smart to keep basic vet supplies on hand. These include latex gloves to protect your skin and hands, gauze and cotton wraps, Vet Wrap, and Betadine. There are many other great products on the market and our sales associates are more than happy to provide suggestions for your situation.

Seasonal Horse Clothing – What kind of blanket or sheet you purchase for your horse depends on the season that you buy him or her in and the climate where you live. In the warmer months you will want to buy your horse a fly sheet. In the winter, those in snowy climates will want to get a durable and waterproof heavy winter blanket while those in southern climates may want to stick with a medium to light weight blanket. You may need to acquire a few blankets, but you don’t need them all at once, just buy for the season that’s coming up.

Of course, there are many wonderful things your new equine friend would love (did anyone say horse cookies?!) but many of those things can wait for the months to come. Whether you are purchasing your first horse or your tenth horse, the Mary’s staff is always happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for!