For Your Equine Valentine

For Your Equine Valentine

30th Jan 2019

Horse owners love to show their horses some love! Grooming, healthy treats, fun activities, and care after a hard workout are excellent ways to express your appreciation for having a wonderful horse in your life. As Valentine's Day approaches, here are some thoughtful products designed for your true love.

Horse Guard Flix Flax Treats Horse Guard Flix Flax Treats provide a healthy dose of love for your horse! Flix is made of 100% flaxseed pressed into easily fed pellets that contain high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids. These beneficial fatty acids help boost immunity, reduce the effects of allergies and skin conditions, and can ease joint stiffness. They have a host of other health benefits and contribute to shiny coats, manes, and tails. The pellets are easy to break into smaller pieces, making them useful for training sessions and cookie stretches. Best of all, your horse will love the taste of Horse Guard Flix. Most horses agree that the way to their heart is through their stomach.

HAAS Diva Brush HAAS Diva Exclusive Sheepskin Brush and Diva Girlie Girl

HAAS Diva Girlie Girl Brush are the ultimate luxury grooming brushes to pamper your horse. These plush finishing brushes add shine and polish to your horse's coat. The HAAS brush is made in Germany with a soft lambskin panel bordered by soft horsehair. It is gentle and soothing for horses with sensitive skin who may not always appreciate brushing. We're looking at you, OTTB mare.

Twinkle Rainbow Dust Spray Twinkle Rainbow Dust Spray is not just for special occasions. Rainbow Dust Spray adds elegant shine and a fun finishing touch to your horse or pony. The spray leaves an ultra fine mist of shimmer on your horse's coat that will sparkle in the sun. You'll turn heads in the arena or on the trail! It can be used with the Twinkle Stencil Kit to create heart and star patterns on your horse's coat. Twinkle Rainbow Dust Spray can be used on dogs, clothing, tack, and people, too! Enhance your horse's beauty with a little shimmer and let everyone ooh and ahhh over your pretty boy.

Show your horse a little tender loving care after a vigorous workout with Absorbine Veterinary Liniment.

Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Spray The antiseptic blend of natural herbs and oils can be used as a body wash, under wraps to tighten legs, and as a rub for sore, stiff muscles. Trusted by horse owners for 125 years, Absorbine Veterinary Liniment is the official liniment of the United States Equestrian Foundation. Using liniment to relieve aches and pains is a kindness to your horse, a little act of love for her comfort and well-being.

Another great way to express your love and appreciation for your horse is the gift of fun. Jolly Tug Horse Toy The Jolly Tug Horse Toy by Horsemen's Pride is a boredom breaker toy for horses of all ages. Sturdy anti-burst construction means plenty of fun without the disappointment of deflation. This inflatable horse toy has handles on either end so you can have an amusing tug of war with your horse or let him play with a buddy in turnout. The handles have rope inside for durability and the toy has a tough cordura nylon cover that can be removed for washing. Horses love to play and toys like the Jolly Tug provide much needed fun and amusement.

Horses own our hearts and are the easiest Valentines to please! In store or online, shop Mary's Tack to help you find just the right product to show your equine Valentine a little extra love and attention.