Apple Elite Electrolyte Pellets


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Farnam Apple Elite Electrolyte Pellets

Apple Elite Electrolyte Pellets for horses make it easy to replace key minerals for better hydration and muscle function. When horses exercise or are exposed to extreme temperatures, they lose electrolytes. Apple Elite Electrolyte Pellets replaces them in an easily fed pelleted form. Use Apple Elite before you see signs of electrolyte imbalance in horses to protect their health.

  • Encourages horse to drink water
  • Replaces important minerals
  • For strenuous exercise, stress, extreme temperatures
  • Easy to feed pellets
  • 7.5 pound bucket
  • 2 ounce scoop included

Some horses don't like horse electrolytes paste or powder so the apple flavored pellets are a great alternative. With Apple Elite Electrolyte Pellets, you can feed your horse by hand or add to grain. Tasty apple electrolytes are easy to give your horse on a daily basis when needed to maintain proper mineral levels. Apple Elite Electrolyte ingredients are a balanced formula of salt, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. The two ounce scoop is included for convenient measuring. Help your horse stay healthy and encourage drinking more water with easy to use Apple Elite Electrolyte Pellets from Farnam.

(No reviews yet)