Animo LP US Show Coat


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Animo LP US Show Coat

Animo LP US Show Coat has upscale classic style and performance for the rider needing a 3-button hunt coat for the American hunter or equitation arena. The LP US Show Coat from Animo has a conservative look with its solid blue navy or black color, gunmetal ringed fabric flat buttons, and no logos or branding. Even without a logo, you'll know it's Animo!

The elegant Animo LP US Show Coat for women has slimming lines, structure where needed, and plenty of stretch. There is a hidden zipper under the button placket to prevent gaps and create a nice clean profile in front. Faux flap pockets, double vent, and Animo exclusive equestrian print backing complete the traditional look. Animo LP US Show Coat is crafted with EVO High Performance Fabric. EVO is made from a bio-based fiber that doesn't require excess water to grow, is renewable, and high performing. EVO is lighter than polyester, dries faster than nylon, is stretchy, temperature regulating, and odor controlling. The smooth fabric has a wonderful feel and resists wrinkles to stay sharp in the show ring.

  • Lightweight, breathable, stretchy EVO
  • 63% Polyamide/37% Elastane
  • Faux flap pockets
  • No brand labels or logos
  • Toned down buttons
  • Machine washable
  • Nero/Black or Blue Navy
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