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Tom Balding Slick 50 Loose Ring Bit


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Tom Balding Slick 50 Loose Ring Bit

Tom Balding Slick 50 Loose Ring Bit has a simple look that belies its ingenious design. The Slick 50 mouthpiece has a double jointed design with center lozenge and copper roller. The break in the center of the mouthpiece facilitates lateral control. The independent left and right action encourages the horse to bend centrally, at the ribs, while maintaining the position of the head and shoulder. The Slick 50 Loose Ring is an excellent snaffle for younger horses, those with a light mouth, and ones preparing to transition to a curb bit. 

The Tom Balding Loose Ring Bit with Slick 50 mouth is made with satin finished sweet iron with a copper roller. Hand crafted in Sheridan, Wyoming, this western training bit has nice balance and weight. The 5 1/8" mouth fits most horses. This Tom Balding bit is eligible for Mary's Bit Rental Program. Click now to find out more!

  • Tom Balding Equine Snaffle Bit #286
  • Sweet iron with copper roller mouthpiece
  • 5 1/8" mouth
  • 5/16" loose rings
  • Hand made in the USA