StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth

Total Saddle Fit

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Total Saddle Fit StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth

StretchTec Shoulder Relief English Girth from Total Saddle Fit has a contoured fit and center stretch panel to ensure horse comfort and improved performance. The StretchTec AP Girth with Shoulder Relief design is shaped around the elbows then angles forward to rest in the horse's girth groove. A patented elastic insert allows pressure-free contact across the sternum and expands when the horse breathes. With the StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth, the horse learns to relax while being tacked.

  • English leather
  • Elastic insert
  • Anatomical fit
  • Removable liner
  • Girths are measured from buckle end to buckle end

In addition to improved equine comfort and performance, the StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth has a removable liner for easier cleaning and two removable D-rings to use with training reins.
The elastic section does not come in direct contact with the horse so there is no chance of rubbing. The elastic section has a leather pad on the underside, which is part of the liner. The softly padded girth liner has three sections for added flexibility. The Total Saddle Fit StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth in English leather is low profile and perfect for the show ring as well as training.

(No reviews yet)