Shoulders Back Lite in Beige

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Shoulders Back Lite from Equifit is an essential tool in creating good posture in the saddle without sacrificing safety. This stretchy, vest-like device easily straps across the back and secures with Velcro over the shoulders and around the front of the chest to create a soft, gentle "pull" on the shoulders should the rider hunch forward. Easily adjustable and made from a sheer, light weight breathable mesh fabric, the Shoulders Back Light is perfect to wear under a show coat during competition and is also designed for every day use in lessons OR even at the office or in the car on your daily commute! Sit up tall, strengthen and train the back muscles to look and feel great! Offered in Beige - this color works as a neutral and will appear invisible under any color shirt making it very versatile. Childs fits children or petite adults, Adult fits most adults, and Large fits larger adults.