Romfh Girls International Knee Patch Breeches

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Romfh Girls International Knee Patch Breeches in Classic Beige are ideal for showing or everyday riding. Girls love the International breeches from Romfh because the fit is comfortable and flattering and and the look is sophisticated. Romfh understands that girls want to look professional in the show ring and they insist on breeches that make that happen. Parents appreciate Romfh apparel for the outstanding quality and value. Romfh breeches for girls are made to last and are easy care machine wash. Romfh uses technical materials for top performance. Warm darker brown knee patches for a traditional look. International Breeches are lightweight, moisture wicking, quick drying, and stain resistant. The styling is contemporary with euroseat, wide waist, front zip, and wide belt loops. Romfh Girls International Knee Patch Breeches are well suited to any level of showing.

  • Classic Beige
  • In the product image, these breeches are shown on the girls on the left and right.