No Thrush Powdered Thrush Treatment 5.5oz

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No Thrush is a powdered blend of natural ingredients that dries out and attacks thrush in your horse's hooves. Non-toxic No Thrush, or NT, does not burn or blister if it gets on hair or other tissue. By eliminating the bacteria that lurks in the cracks where thrush develops and grows, No Thrush kills thrush in 4-7 days. Used as weekly maintenance, NT will keep your horse's feet in great shape without caustic chemicals.

No Thrush also works on scratches, rain rot and fungus. Just apply to the affected, dry skin, coat or legs daily. You'll be surprised how well the powder gets in nooks and crannies where it needs to be and how effectively it works. Great product that is safe and gentle on skin - no need to wear gloves.

  • 5.5 oz bottle