Myler Sweet Iron French Link Bristol Roller Dee

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Myler  Sweet Iron French Link Bristol Roller Dee

Myler Western Dee with Sweet Iron Bristol Roller has an MB 11 mouthpiece designed for Level 1 horses. This mouthpiece features polished Sweet Iron which naturally and harmlessly oxidizes or rusts. The result leaves a sweet taste and promotes salivation. The mouthpiece also has copper inlay to increase the effect. Myler western dee bit has a center bristol roller on a traditional French link bit design. The copper roller at the center is smaller than a typical French link piece and leaves more room for the tongue. The roller also eliminates uncomfortable edges that can bother the tongue or palate. The MB11 mouthpiece curves around the the horse's bars and lips and won't pinch. This bit does not have independent side movement, making it closer to a traditional bit than other Mylers. Dee cheeks are 3" offset rings of stainless steel with a fixed attachment at the mouthpiece for direct action.

  • Myler #89-18115
  • Size 5

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