Matrix T3 Ergonomic WoolBack Half Pad - AP or Dressage

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The Toklat Matrix T3 Ergo Halfpad was designed with the horse's anatomy in mind. As you probably already know, the muscles attaching the horses' shoulder are responsible for absorbing the concussion of the horse as it travels. These muscles also play a big part in creating good movement and athletic ability. A proper fitting saddle will allow free movement of the shoulder - your saddle pad should do that as well. With this in mind, Toklat created the Matrix T3 Ergonomic Halfpad. The elongated front follows the shape of the muscle instead of bisecting it, as in a traditional style of halfpad. The front roll is a bit longer than you will see in traditional designs and it adds extra protection for the muscle when the saddle is coming forward. This ergonomic design allows the muscle to move freely so the horse gets a maximum range of motion. It also provides support and protection from excessive pressure for the critical muscle groups without interfering with movement.

Toklat put just as much thought into the fabrics used in the Matrix saddle pads. The top material is called ETC fabric. It is a "Made in USA" fabric that is non-slip, anti-friction, very breathable, and wicks moisture; the combination of non-slip grip with an anti-friction properties prevents the buildup of heat. The linear quilt pattern allows air to circulate and allows it to absorb moisture and pass it through the pad. So it is a very comfortable fabric for the horse. The underside of the Matrix T3 Ergonomic WoolBack pad is made of wool, which, like sheepskin, is a natural fiber. WoolBack is a 100% machine washable virgin wool that Toklat specifically designed for equestrian products. It has a 1" pile so it has good compression and is a little bit more resilient than sheepskin because of the way it is manufactured. It has the thermodynamic properties of sheepskin; it wicks about 20% of its weight in moisture, so it is really good at removing moisture from the horses back. Woolback will dissipate heat almost equally to sheepskin and also has the benefits of being machine washable and less expensive.

The Matrix T3 Ergonomic WoolBack Half Pad by Toklat is customizable to the specific needs of your horse with the aid of an assortment of inserts and materials, and has been designed to contribute to overall athletic performance by providing therapeutic and orthopedic protection. If you're seeking to add therapeutic, orthopedic, or corrective benefits to a standard saddle pad, this pad is a must have.


The half pad itself is ergonomically shaped to provide ideal support without restricting movement. While the quilted etc fabric provides breathability, maximum moisture removal, and stain resistance. This innovative material also ensures a secure saddle position because of its non-slip, no-friction properties. Using the optional T3 insert, or inserts, that best fit the needs of the rider and the horse is easy with the convenient dual spine-closure pockets. The WoolBack bottom lining of the Matrix T3 Ergonomic WoolBack Half Pad is easy to clean- machine washable for a great look without any hassle.

Available in either Dressage or All Purpose. Sizes Small (16"-161/2"), Medium (17"-171/2"), Large (18"-181/2").