KL Select Tucson Bridle

KL Select

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KL Select Tucson Bridle

The KL Select Tucson Bridle has an anatomical design geared toward horses who try to avoid the bit or stronger horses that need greater control. The Tucson Bridle can increase bit and nose pressure, creating leverage without a stronger bit. The key element is the noseband that is stitched into the cheek pieces. The overall anatomical design ensures a good fit without pressure on sensitive nerves or poll.

  • Padded anatomical crown
  • Padded anatomical cavesson
  • Can increase pressure and leverage
  • Fine Italian leather
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • Brown
  • No Reins

KL Select Tucson Bridle has an adjustable noseband that lets the rider control the level of pressure needed as well as adjustable cheek pieces to optimize fit on the horse. The softly padded crown is shaped to allow room for ears to move while dispersing pressure over a wider area. The Tucson Bridle from KL Select is crafted from the finest Italian leather and is fitted with stainless steel hardware. This bridle is sold without reins. Mary's Tack offers a comprehensive selection of English reins as well as martingales and other accessories.

(No reviews yet)