Hoof & Hair Guard by Horse Guard - 10 lb

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Hoof & Hair Guard by Horse Guard

Hoof & Hair Guard by Horse Guard is an equine supplement completely focused on hoof health and a gorgeous shiny coat for your horse. Hoof & Hair Guard contains an amazing 100 mg biotin in each serving. Biotin is a valuable B-vitamin for cell growth that helps strengthen hair and hooves. The other ingredients in Hoof & Hair Guard work together for optimal benefit and results. Methionine, zinc proteinate, soy oils, and a base of extruded soybeans provide healthy oils, energy, and nutrition for strong hooves and a glossy coat. Each high grade pharmaceutical is carefully chosen for efficiency and absorption.

Hoof & Hair Guard is the perfect supplement for show horses that need to look their best in the show ring. If you have a horse or pony that suffers from dry, brittle, or cracked hooves or has a dull, dry coat, add Hoof & Hair Guard to their daily diet. The makers of Hoof & Hair Guard, Horse Guard, are a family-owned company dedicated to equine nutrition and health. Mary's Tack customers love these quality supplements - and so do their horses! Hoof & Hair Guard in a convenient 10 lb resealable bag.

  • Contains Biotin, Methionine, Lysine, Zinc Proteinate, Glycine, Cystine, Phenylalmine, Soy Oil
  • Serving size - 6 oz daily
  • 26 day supply