Goode Rider Vogue Jean Full Seat Breeches

Goode Rider

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Goode Rider Vogue Jean Full Seat Breeches

The Goode Rider Vogue Jean Full Seat Breeches have a flexible, stretchy feel with stylish details and silicone grip full seat. Women's full grip seat breech has a special stretched waistband so you'll sit in the saddle with ease. Goode Rider's fabric blend has good stretch and shape retention while the silicone dot full seat ensures flexibility.

  •  Silicone print full seat
  • Comfortable stretched waistband
  • Velvety feel
  • Low key whips embroidery on pockets
  • Embossed hardware
  • Taupe, Blue Black
  • Cotton / Poly / Elastane

Goode Rider Vogue Jean Breech has a wonderful velvety feel thanks to the twisted yarns that offer stretch and softness. Goode Rider added low key whips embroidery on the back pockets and embossed hardware to finish off the upscale look. Mary's has the Goode Rider Vogue Jean in Blue Black and Taupe.

(No reviews yet)