Breyer Traditional

Get the perfect gift for a horse lover or add to your very own collection when you shop for Breyer Traditional horses at Mary’s Tack and Feed. We’re proud to offer some of the most beautiful, detailed and realistic model horses along with a number of unique Breyer horse accessories. Whether they’re played with as imaginative children’s toys or kept as cherished collectibles and display items, these Breyer horses are sure to hold a special place in your heart. Learn more about the Breyer Traditional collection and what makes it so unique.

Realistic Equestrian Models

Among horse lovers, there’s no question that Breyer products are the gold standard when it comes to horse models. Each one is crafted with a level of care that you just won’t find with other models. Breyer horses start out as artists’ sculptures and are handcrafted. Airbrushes and paintbrushes are used to hand-paint each one in great detail, including realistic Breyer horse tack. The result is a model that is undeniably beautiful and unique. The level of authenticity is also unmatched, with horses sculpted and painted to showcase each breed’s specific bone structure, musculature, color, markings and personality.

Breyer Traditional Scale Horses

The Breyer Traditional collection is the brand’s most popular choice for horse toys and collectibles. Each horse and all accompanying rider figures and accessories are made to reflect a 1:9 scale, making them the largest in the Breyer collection. This is perfect for handheld toys that children can play with and admire. These model horses often become treasured keepsakes that are put on display. Browse through the complete collection of Breyer Classic horses and Traditional horses at Mary’s Tack and Feed to find specific breeds, celebrated horses, rider dolls, horse barns and more from this beloved brand.