Draw Reins & German Martingales

Mary's Tack has a large selection of training reins, lunging reins and accessories, and side reins and draw reins for horses of all sizes and riders of any discipline. Whether you need a more controlled and precise movement, more impulsion, or a better frame, the right equipment in the right hands can help make the training more successful. From brands like KL Select, Ovation and Nunn Finer, you can put your confidence in these high-quality training reins from Mary's Tack.
For both English and Western riders, draw reins are a great way to reinforce an attractive neck and head set and proper balance that you desire. These leather reins attach to the girth, slide through the bit rings and are held on either side by the rider, creating a pulley system that allows you to work on muscle memory with your horse or pony, reinforcing good movement and carriage. For more green horses, side reins are a great way to achieve the feeling of wearing a bit attached to reins while lunging or leading. These attach to the bit just like regular reins, but then securely fasten to the saddle to encourage softness in the horse's mouth. Mary's Tack carries a wide assortment of both side and draw reins for all riding disciplines, from brands like Bobby's English Tack and Tory Leather.