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Horse Health & Stable Supplies

Horse Health & Stable Supplies

Owning a horse is a commitment to proper feeding and care and Mary's Tack & Feed helps you do that with all the horse supplies you need. We have products for horse grooming, hoof care, and fly control, as well as barn equipment, supplements, and veterinary first aid items. Count on Mary's for the stable provisions you need on a daily basis.

Your horse depends on you to keep him sound and healthy and quality supplements are an important part of that. From complete multi-vitamins like Adeptus Nimble Mega Nutrient and Grand Meadows Grand Complete to specialty nutrients for joints and hooves, you'll find the perfect supplement for your horse's needs. You can satisfy wants, too, with delicious treats and stall toys, like Paddock Cakes, Scented Jolly Balls, and Likits.

Your barn will run smoothly by stocking your tack room with horse products for grooming, hoof care, and fly and pest remediation. We have brushes of every type, clippers, shampoos, and braiding supplies to keep your horse looking great at home or horse show. You can rely on hoof dressings and treatments from Effol, Farnam, and Sound to get hooves healthy and keep them that way. Mary's has an excellent array of fly masks, fly sheets, sprays, and traps so you can get serious about pest control.

Besides the usual barn supplies, there will be countless extras that make equestrian life easier or address new needs that arise. Count on Mary's tack store for whatever that may be. From trailer accessories, hay nets, hardware, and tack hooks to dressage arena markers and gear bags, we have the selection, price, and service that make Mary's Tack & Feed your one-stop online local tack shop.