Fly Boots

Tired of your horse, pony or miniature horse stomping his legs and pawing when flies bite him? Shop Fly Boots & Wraps for horses at Mary's Tack & Feed. Whether used with a fly sheet and mask or by themselves, fly boots and wraps provide excellent protection for your horse's legs against flies and other biting, stinging insects. Made of mesh fabric that allows air to flow through, fly boots guard your horse's legs without making them hot and sweaty. Velcro tabs on the boots allow a custom fit every time you put them on your horse.

Mary's carries only the best fly boots available. The soft mesh of Cashel Leg Guards and Rambo Fly Boots are ideal for horses that are sensitive or thin skinned. The sturdy Kensington Protective Fly Boots provide UV protection and are a great choice for horses that are tough on their bandages or wraps. Consider the Fly Wraps with elastic straps attached to the Velcro closures for a perfect fit. Some of our customers use them over injuries or incisions to speed healing by keeping the flies off and allowing the air to circulate around the affected area.

If you are shopping for fly boots, fly wraps or leg guards to protect your horse against flies and other biting insects, shop Mary's Tack & Feed. Your horse will thank you for it!