Pelhams and Kimberwickes

Pelham and Kimberwick Horse Bits at Low Prices

Kimberwick and Pelham bits are popular English bits. Both types are leverage bits that use a curb chain. Kimberwick bit shanks vary somewhat in length, have D-shaped rings and a curb chain and use one set of reins, while Pelham bits can have different types of mouthpiece and leverage shanks with two rings for two sets of reins. Pelham bits have a ring for the curb rein attachment at the bottom of the shank, in addition to the cheek ring at the corner of the mouth for the snaffle rein attachment. Pelham bits are sometimes confused with a double bridle, but there are not two bits, just two sets of reins. The double reins include the regular, or snaffle, rein and a set of curb reins. Because some riders have difficulty with two sets of reins, you might add a Pelham Bit Converter, which is a loop to attach to the bit and connect the rein rings, allowing the use of a single set of reins. Mary's has Pelham converters in the English Bits Accessories section.

Both Kimberwick and Pelham bit types usually use a curb chain, which is a chain fitted under the horse's chin to apply pressure. The chain amplifies the pressure of the bit on the bars of the horse's mouth, as well as providing an end point for leverage. Kimberwick bits get their name from the town of Kimberwick where this type of bit was first made. These bits are interchangeably called Kimblewick, Kimberwicke or Kimberwick. Mary's Tack and Feed carries Kimberwick bits in this category that are made from high-quality, durable materials such as stainless steel, copper, rubber and space-age polymer. Rubber and polymer materials are used to encourage better bit acceptance and softness.

Both Kimberwick and Pelham bits are used in some competition classes, but it is important to find out if the bit will be legal or allowed in your show class, as not all show classes allow them. Kimberwick bits are not used in dressage and show hunter classes, but Pelham bits are often used in certain English riding disciplines. This type of bit is a favorite in hunt seat equitation, show jumping and eventing in the U.S., but the Pelham bit is not used in dressage competitions.

Mary's Tack and Feed offers low prices on Kimberwick and Pelham bits from top equestrian tack brands such as Ovation, Herm Sprenger, Myler, Stubben, Mikmar, Centaur and many other high-quality options. If you want to invest in a new bit but you're not sure which to choose, our English Bit Rental program can help you find the right bit for your horse. Rent one or more bits for just $10 for one week to test the fit and performance.