Feed & Bedding


Choosing the best feed for your horse can seem complicated.  We're here to make it easy. 

Horse Feed by Brand

Hygain Cavalor
Balanced Action Mix
Rlease Fiberforce
Senior Fifty Fifty
Showtorque Mash and Mix
TruCare Performix
TruGain Pianissimo
Zero Endurix
  Struccomix Original
 Purina Struccomix Senior
 Amplify Superforce
 Enrich Plus Tradition Mix
 Equine Active Senior Wholegain
Equine Senior   
 Equine Adult  
Equine Junior Triple Crown
Free Balance 12-12 14% SP
Mini & Pony 30% SP
Omolene 100 Complete
Omolene 200 Growth
Omolene 300 Growth Lite
Omolene 400 Low Starch
Omolene 500 Omega Max
Outlast Senior
Strategy Ax Total Lifetime
Strategy Gx Training
Strategy Healthy Edge  
Supersport Nutrena 
Ultium Competition Empower Balance 
Ultium Growth Empower Boost 
Ultium Gastric Care Triumph 
WellSolve Low Starch Pro Force Fuel 
  Pro Force Senior 
Integrity  Pro Force XTN
Adult/Senior SafeChoice Original 
Adult/Senior No Molasses SafeChoice Perform 
Growth SafeChoice Senior 
Lite SafeChoice Senior LM 
Lite No Molasses  SafeChoice Special Care 
Low Starch Alfalfa   
Low Starch Timothy  Specialty
Kelley's Senior No Molasses  Renew Gold EQ 
  Wysong Equine 

Forages, Hay Pellets, Cubes

 Alfa M
Triple Crown  Safe Starch Forage Alfalfa & Oat Molasses Mix 
Triple Crown Grass Forage SP  Oat Hay Molasses
Triple Crown Timothy Balance Cubes   4 Way Sweet Mix
 1/4 Inch Alfalfa Pellet  TDI Horse Feed 10%
 Alfalfa Hay Cubes  
 Alfalfa Pellets  Grains & Beet Pulp
 Hay Replacer Pellets Flaked Bran - 25lb. & 50lb. 
Orchard Grass Mix Pellet   C.O.B Dry
Bremuda Pellets  Crimped Oats 
Oat Hay Pellets  Flat Rolled Oats 
Timothy Pellets  Flax Seed 
   Integrity Rice Bran
Misc. Feed Linseed Meal
Natural Glow Pellets Recleaned Barley
Natural Glow Powder Recleaned Corn
Coolstance Recleaned Wheat
Calf Manna - 10lb., 25lb. & 50lb. Whole Recleaned Oats
  Rolled Barley
Salts & Minerals Soybean Meal
Redmond Rock - 3lb. & 7lb. Flax Seed Meal
Redmond Rock on a Rope - 3lb. & 7lb. Unstabilized Rice Bran
Redmond Loose Salt - 50lb. Shredded Beet Pulp
Himalayan Salt on a Rope - Various sizes Beet Pulp Pellets
Himalayan Loose Salt  
Daily Red Crushed Rock - 5lb.  



 Bedding can make your, and your horse's, life easier.  Picking the right bedding makes all the difference. Just ask us!

Bedding for Horses

Shavings Pellets, Granules, Powders
Cedarest Dry Stall
Douglas Fir Stall Dry Deodorizer
Forrest Wood Shavings Sweet PDZ, Granular or Powder
Fine Pine Bedding Nature's Pellets
Champion Pine Koop Clean
Comfort Blend Megazorb Bedding Pellets
Mini Flake  
  Clean Straw
  Landscape Straw - when available

 Bedding at Mary's Tack & Feed