EQyss Micro-Tek Spray - 32 oz

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Micro-Tek Spray for horses from EQyss soothes inflamed, irritated skin from the moment you spray it on and keeps working for up to 24 hours. With its quickly effective ingredients, Micro-Tek Equine Spray heals rain rot, scratches, girth itch, and ringworm. It contains no alcohol or steroids, making it non-stinging and safe to leave on skin, including open wounds.

Micro-Tek Spray provides leave-on protection for itchy, irritating skin conditions that makes your horse uncomfortable. Micro -Tek Spray is most effective when used with Micro-Tek Shampoo from EQyss. When the skin condition has cleared up, we recommend switching to EQyss Premier products to keep your horse's skin free of irritations. Environmentally friendly formula is available in a 32 oz. spray bottle.

  • 32 ounces.
  • Non-toxic & environmentally friendly.
  • Alcohol free & Non steroidal.
  • Provides relief for up to 24 hours.
  • Made by EQyss Products.

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