Ulcer and Digestive

Ulcer, Digestive & Gastric Supplements

Horse Digestive Supplements at Mary's Tack will keep your horse in optimal health. Smart digestive supplementing can make a big difference for horses that are at risk for ulcers. Looking at a horse you'd never guess how delicate its digestive system can be. Horses can be prone to ulcers, diarrhea, and even colic so digestion supplements and probiotics from Mary's are a worthwhile addition to a feeding program. We carry the best probiotic supplements for horses, equine ulcer supplements for prevention, and gastric supplements that help horses to better utilize feed and forage.

For the unexpected digestive upset or early colic, keep fast-acting pastes like Immediate Response and GastroEase Rescue in your tack room for immediate care. For long term enhancement of digestive health, rely on daily feed additives like ProBios, Allay, and Succeed that keep the digestive system in balance with amino acids, probiotics, yeast, and fiber. Another important aspect of digestive care is preventing sand colic. When a horse eats hay off the ground he ingests incidental dirt and sand which need to be flushed from his system. Psyllium fiber from Sand Rid, Equi Aid Pellets, and Equerry's Sand Master fed monthly, will help clear the horse's digestive tract.

Keep your feed room stocked with the digestive aids and ulcer products for horses that can help your horse feeling great. Daily equine ulcer prevention, monthly maintenance, and emergency digestive pastes are all valuable tools for keeping your horse healthy. Mary's Tack & Feed has an excellent assortment of effective products from the most trusted names in equine health care.