Horse Health and First Aid

Your horse works hard and his health and safety is always your main concern. A well-stocked tack room is always filled with the essential horse health and first aid supplies in case of lameness, illness, cuts or infections. Mary's Tack and Feed is an affordable, convenient resource for all of your horse health needs, with safe and reliable products from the top equine brands today.

Mary's carries a full selection of horse liniments, each with their own unique healing properties. Liniments can help treat sore muscles after a particularly long workout, arthritis, cuts or even insect bites. Liniments by brands like Absorbine contain antiseptics that heal minor cuts or skin abrasions, while reliable Sore No More and Bigeloil products provide instant relief to stiff joints and aching muscles. Equine poultices, stable wraps and bandages, ice boots, and ceramic boots are also available for unbeatable prices through Mary's Tack and Feed's horse health section. Stocking up on supplies in advance will make treating your horse much easier in case of an illness or accident.