Fly Sprays and Insect Repellents

Looking for the best fly spray for your horse? Shop Mary's Tack & Feed for all your fly repellent needs. Our extensive line of fly sprays & insect repellents includes proven favorites like Pyranha, Flysect Super 7, Bronco, Repel X, Endure as well as all-natural formulas like Lavender Dream, It Works Green Organic Fly Spray, and Espree. Horse fly deterrent sprays provide more comfort for your horse during fly season, preventing stamping with the hooves, bites, itchy skin, and eye irritation. Mary's also has a great assortment of wipe on and roll on products to use on your horse's face and ears or sensitive places that aren't easy to apply spray. Farnam's Original Formula Wipe II is a long-time favorite of horse owners, as is Swat ointment in clear or pink. Many of the popular fly sprays for horses help repel stable flies, deer flies, face flies, mosquitoes, ticks, and more. Some are oil-based formulas for greater endurance. A few even have coat conditioners and sunscreen for extra grooming benefits.

Regardless of the formula you select for your horse or pony (or dog!), Mary's offers low prices, fast shipping, and outstanding customer service. We are always here for advice and recommendations for the best fly sprays and insect repellents to get the job done. In addition, be sure to browse our comprehensive selection of horse fly sheets, fly masks, fly boots, leg wraps, and even riding fly masks. Mary's has horse and pony fly protection clothing in countless styles, sizes, colors, and features so you'll definitely find what you need to keep your equine friend comfortable all fly season long.