Breyer Snowman Horse

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Breyer Snowman Horse

Breyer's Snowman is a model of the famous Hunter Jumper horse at! A wonderful story of a horse with a huge heart & plenty of try has inspired many an equestrian. Snowman is a big gray horse that came from nowhere to become one of show jumping's most beloved heroes. A traditional size Breyer horse Snowman is stunning both in looks and story!

His rags-to-riches story began when rejected horses at an auction were being loaded onto a van bound for the slaughterhouse and a kind riding instructor named Harry thought this one skinny horse showed enough spark to catch his eye. He offered $80 for the gelding and brought him home as a lesson horse. The lesson kids loved him and called him "Snowman." But when the riding instructor sold him to a local doctor, Snowman kept jumping fences and returning to Harry de Leyer. Recognizing his talent, de Leyer began training him for the show ring.

Snowman went on to become a champion show jumping horse and 15 years after his death on the farm where he started out as a lesson horse he was inducted into show jumping's Hall of Fame.

Snowman's legacy lives on as the subject of Elizabeth Letts' New York Times bestseller, The Eighty Dollar Champion, which tells his amazing Cinderella story.