Equine Vitamins & Supplements

Shop one place for your horse's general health needs with our huge inventory of economically priced equine vitamins and supplements from Mary's Tack. We carry top brands like Adeptus, Farnam and AniMed. Choose products specially formulated for joint pain, your horse's digestive issues, low weight, low energy and other common equine health challenges. We have all-in-one health supplements and all-natural herbal supplements.

Shop our affordably priced top brands in essential amino acids, Vitamin C, iron and other horse vitamins designed to correct your horse's nutritional deficiencies. Horse hoof supplements like Horseshoer's Secret, Biotin Plus, Farrier's Formula and other brands can prevent cracked hooves, chipping and poor horn quality. Joint supplements like Adeptus Nimble Supreme, HylaLUBE, and Duraflex EQ provide crucial joint health nutrients for performance and pleasure horses. Horses can become dehydrated following exercise and when it's hot outside. Add powdered horse electrolytes supplements to your horse's water bucket or feed or use a paste tube for immediate results. Our equine electrolytes like DuraLyte, Adeptus Persevere, and Apple-Dex work quickly and effectively to encourage your horse to drink more water.

Like people, horses can become tense under stressful situations, such as competition and travel. We have calming pastes and supplements by top names like Quiessence, Perfect Prep EQ Supreme, ECP Mushroom Matrix and Grand Calm. These products help to quiet nerves, increase focus, and relax your horse for safer handling and riding. All are safe, and most are legal for horse show use. For performance horses, we have equine minerals, vitamins and amino acids formulated to support lean muscle development and speed muscle recovery while strengthening circulation and equine immune systems. Show-safe feed pastes address muscle fatigue, while other equine nutritional supplements like Ramard Total Blood Fluids Muscle and Farnam Red Cell address the need for more energy and blood oxygenation. Our equine skin and coat supplements are designed to improve dull coats with specially formulated oil-based blends from providers like AniMed, Select Vitamins and Adeptus. You can even keep your dark bay and black horses looking good with supplements that enhance dark pigments to correct too much sun exposure.

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