ThinLine Quilted Jump/AP Square Pad


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ThinLine Quilted Jump/AP Square Saddle Pad

ThinLine Cotton Quilted Square Saddle Pad is perfect for everyday riding or competition. This ThinLine pad offers excellent impact protection and a classic, low profile look. The Quilted Jump Saddle has protective ThinLine material where the saddle rests. The high quality quilted cotton in white is a great choice for those needing a very close contact feel and slip resistance, like with jumping and polo.

  • ThinLine 7056-B
  • White
  • Quilted on both sides
  • Can shim with additional ThinLine inserts

The ThinLine breathable foam shock absorbing material is sewn onto the Cotton Quilted Saddle Pad. There is an opening to add more ThinLine inserts if desired. The ThinLine surface of the pad under the saddle is slip resistant and thin enough to not affect the fit of any saddle. The underside of the pad is quilted. There is a girth loop and billet strap to help keep saddle and pad connected. The contoured front of the pad and wither relief shape ensure a great fit for your all purpose/close contact saddle. The ThinLine Quilted Jump/AP Square Saddle Pad measures 22.75″ spine length and 21″ flap length.

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