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Freejump Soft'Up Lite Stirrups


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Freejump Soft'Up Lite Stirrups
Matte Iron
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Freejump Soft'Up Lite Stirrups

Freejump Soft'Up Lite Stirrups are jumping safety irons with a high tech single branch design in a size that's geared toward women and young riders. The Soft-Up Lite modern stirrup irons are comfortable and shock absorbing while remaining supportive. They deliver an element of safety that goes beyond your old peacock irons. Freejump's single stirrup branch in long fiberglass polyamide is more flexible than that of the Soft'Up Pro, which is spring steel. The footbed does not have the steel grips like the Soft'Up Pro.

The unique stirrup eye is the result of 2 years of research with top jumpers Eric Navet, Rodrigo Pessoa, and Ludger Beerbaum. The Soft'Up Lite stirrup eye permits the rider to have an ideal leg position while directing the toe toward the inside. Freejump's patented flexible outer branch helps release the foot quickly in the event of a fall. The nonskid wide footbed is cushioned to absorb shock and has textured grip for outstanding security while jumping. The footbed surface is inclined to allow a natural drop of the heel. The Freejump Soft'Up Lite Stirrups are sized for boots up to size 39. The Matte Iron color of the Freejump Soft'Up Lite Stirrups are approved by USEF for hunters and equitation classes.

  • One size fits up to European size 39
  • Assorted colors - not all may be in stock
  • Fits ladies up to size 8.5 and men up to size 7