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EquiFit AmpTeq Hind Boots with Color Binding


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AmpTeq Hind Boots with Color Binding have cushioning ImpacTeq liners for outstanding protection with a beautiful smooth leather exterior that's virtually indestructable. These supportive and protective hind boots are designed to encourage your horse to perform better over fences. The AmpTeq Color Binding Hind Boots are not weighted and they meet FEI guidelines. The anatomically shaped AmpTeq helps the horse have greater awareness of their back legs and to finish their jump better.

EquiFit's AmpTeq Hind Boots have a cupped shape under the fetlock that lessens the chance of hyperextending upon landing. They encourage a more controlled landing and ride-away after the jump, putting less stress on the fetlock and surrounding area. AmpTeq Hind Boots with Color Binding are easy to attach with hook and loop straps threaded through roller D-rings. The non-removable ImpacTeq liners are sewn inside and mold to your horse's leg for a custom fit. These boots are available in Medium or Large with your choice of leather color binding. The main body of the boot is black. The edge color can be Navy, Green, Red, or Brown. Match your saddle pad, ear net, and jacket or simply pick your favorite color. All colors in both sizes may not be in stock but we always have them on order.

  • Medium or Large
  • Sewn in ImpacTeq liners
  • Black with Blue, Black with Red, Black with Brown, or Black with Green
  • Made in USA