DeNiro Raffaello Top Rondine Dressage Boots

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DeNiro Raffaello Top Rondine Dressage Boots

Raffaello Top Rondine Dressage Boot from DeNiro Boot Company is a luxuriously crafted dress boot with extra high Spanish top edged with a sophisticated border. Rondine is Italian for swallow, and just like the little bird, these dressage boots have effortless grace. The Raffaello Top Rondine is made by hand at the DeNiro factory in Casarano, Italy, using only the highest quality materials to create these distinctive dressage riding boots. Dressage riders will appreciate the meticulous design and detail. DeNiro dress boots are made with black grain calfskin leather, inside and out, that is treated with Water Resistant Advanced Treatment (WRAT) during the tanning process for exceptional water-resistance while keeping the leather breathable.

Women's Raffaello Top Rondine Dressage Boots in brushed black leather has a matte finish on the foot with a polished leather upper. The inner side is brushed leather, too. This DeNiro boot features a unique zipper on the inner front of the boot. The discreet covered zipper achieves the look of a pull-on boot but with modern convenience. The outer side is reinforced, having 4 layers of leather, to give a stiff, smooth appearance. DeNiro dressage boots have durable Vibram soles to absorb shock in the irons and out and add slip-resistant safety when riding or walking. Raffaello Top Rondine Dressage Boots have a high Spanish top with small DeNiro emblem. The boots are finished with spur rests and zipper keepers and have a slightly squared toe. The Raffaello Top Rondine is a gorgeous luxury dressage boot that's ideal for competitive dressage riders. Comes with inflatable boot forms and a 50ml jar of DeNiro Boot Co. Nourishing Cream calfskin leather conditioner.

Please consult the DeNiro Boot Co. size chart for guidance. The boots are sized in Height/Width. The heights are Short - C, Medium Short - MC, Medium Tall - MA, and Tall - A. The measurements are in centimeters and you may wish to substitute a comma for the period, i.e. 38,5 is 38.5 centimeters. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to consult a sales associate here at Mary's. We will talk you through it every step of the way!

  • Designed by artisan boot makers in Italy
  • WRAT Water Resistant Advanced Treatment
  • Black calfskin with calfskin lining
  • Inner front zipper
  • Reinforced outer panel
  • Vibram soles