Cavallo Taya Belt


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Cavallo Taya Belt

Cavallo Taya Belt has a stylish mix of textured leather and striped canvas webbed strap center with large Cavallo logos. The Taya riding belt is made with vegetable tanned leather for the ends and has a beautiful rounded matte silver buckle. A subtle Cavallo stirrup logo is stamped on the leather keeper.

  • Vegetable tanned textured leather ends
  • Canvas webbed middle section with CAVALLO logos
  • Approx 1 1/3" wide (3.3cm)
  • Dark Blue, Black/Red, Black/Sand

Cavallo Taya Belt is a versatile 1 1/3" wide (3.3cm) to fit all your favorite breeches and jeans. There are five holes to adjust the length. The Taya Belt comes in three sizes. Remember to measure the area on your waist/hips where you want the belt to lie. The sporty Cavallo Taya Belt is available in Dark Blue, Black/Red, and Black/Sand.


75 (waist size 26-27", belt length 29.5")
85 (waist size 30-31", belt length 33.5")
95 (waist size 34-35", belt length 37.4")

(No reviews yet)