Breyer Stablemates Horse and Barn Paint & Play


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Breyer Stablemates Horse Barn Paint & Play

The Breyer Stablemates Horse and Barn Paint & Play is a new and fun way for kids to add to their Breyer Stablemates collection. This play set is an 11-piece wooden barn that assembles easily without glue or tools. The slot-and-tab construction system lets even little kids put together the barn on their own.

  • Breyer W4245
  • Includes barn pieces, paint, paintbrush, 1 Stablemates model
  • Stablemates 1:32 Scale
  • Ages 4+

Even better, there are paints and a paintbrush so children can decorate the barn however they like. There is even a ready-to-paint Stablemates horse so the result is truly unique and based on your child's imagination and preferences.

(No reviews yet)