Breyer Freedom Series 90s Throwback


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Breyer Freedom Series '90s Throwback

Breyer '90s Throwback horse in Freedom Series size is about as colorful and wild as a horse toy can be! Fun retro groove 90s Throwback model is from the Decorator Series at Breyer and it brings joyful nostalgia and bright color to any collector's herd.

  • Breyer 62221
  • Freedom Series 1:12 scale
  • Ages 4+

Breyer '90s Throwback is a vibrant mix of purple, pink, turquoise, and fun leopard pattern for good measure. From bright colors and look-at-me fashions to new technology and music, the 1990s were filled with plenty of cool vibes. For those who lived it or a new generation looking to the past for inspiration, the Breyer '90s Throwback model horse is the one to make it happen! Freedom Series/Classics models are 1:12 scale horses that coordinate with other Breyer Freedom Series rider figures, vehicles, tack, and accessories at Mary's.

(No reviews yet)