Zocks Riding Boot Socks for Ladies- Animals

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Zocks Riding Boot Socks

Popular Zocks Riding Socks for Ladies are available in fun Animal theme patterns. Choose from cute owls or horses in realistic or whimsical prints! Zocks by Ovation are silky, soft, lightweight tall boot socks for ladies. The thin material and close fit make it easy to zip up field boots, dress boots, and half chaps.

Super smooth Nylon/Lycra fabric allows your boots to slide right on. Tube style ladies riding socks are knee high, don't bunch up, and stay up well. Tube style is nice because you can switch the sock from top to bottom, left foot to right foot for more even wear. Good stretch means they accommodate a wide variety of feet and legs and are very comfortable. Moisture wicking and quick drying, perfect for summer horse shows and schooling!

  • Realistic Owls (Brown), Black Owls (Black), Tiny Owls (Pink)
  • In out Horse Pattern (Lt Blue), Realistic Horses (Lime) or (Beige)