Wrangler Snap Front Dress


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Wrangler Snap Front Dress

The Wrangler Retro Snap Front Dress has that cute ranch wear flair with a simple shape that gives it versatility. Wear it on its own, layer it over a tee, pair it with leggings, add a belt - the possibilities are endless. This is a great little lightweight tank dress for summer with adjustable shoulder straps and a relaxed fit. The stripes are accented with silver thread to give it just a touch of sparkle.

  • Full length snap placket
  • Silver accented stripes
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Lightweight
  • Relaxed fit
  • 98% Cotton / 1% Polyester / 1% Other Fibers

Women's Snap Front Dress from the Wrangler Retro collection has slimming vertical stripes in indigo and light blue. The light blue stripes are framed with silver thread. The full length snap placket has classic white marble snaps. The design is deceptively simple upon first glance but keep looking and you'll see the extra details. There are bust darts, panels at the bodice with chevron stripes in back, and a soft, comfy fabric that's perfect for summer fun. Snap up the Wrangler Retro Snap Front Dress now and see how many ways you can make it your own!

(No reviews yet)