Weaver Roundtable Brow Headstall

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Roundtable Browband Headstall from Weaver Leather is tailor made for the modern day knight or knightess. That's not a word, of course, but lady doesn't sound right, either. While knights seated at the legendary Round Table were considered equal, the Roundtable headstall is a cut above the rest. Classic black harness leather has an exceptional feel and the stunning hardware elevates it to the level of art.

Weaver achieves the rich look of its harness leather by dipping it in oil, dressing it with saddle butter, and rubbing it by hand. We think you'll agree that the extra effort is completely worth it. The result is a headstall that feels incredible in hand and is capable of withstanding hard use for years of top performance. Tapered browband and cheeks are accented with pewter spots. Superb buffed black steel hardware and conchos accented with etched German silver trim are a Weaver Leather exclusive. Impressive black and silver Roundtable Browband Headstall blends legendary spirit with modern expertise and style for a dramatic and unique Western look.

  • # 10-0462
  • German silver trim
  • Exclusive buffed black steel hardware
  • Chicago screw bit ends
  • Horse size