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Ultra ThinLine Felt Liner

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Ultra ThinLine Felt Liner Western Pad provides superior shock absorption to protect the back of both horse and rider. This comfortably thin profiled western pad helps the rider to sit deep and ride every gait in greater comfort while maintaining close contact. Ultra ThinLine cushions the horse’s back, reducing discomfort to allow proper rounding and better movement. The Ultra ThinLine Felt Liner may be used on top of your regular western pad, which helps protect expensive show pads and everyday pads. It is also sturdy enough to use on its own, though ThinLine recommends fenders to protect the felt over time. This therapeutic western pad is 3/8" felt  with 3/16" Ultra ThinLine closed cell foam. This liner pad works great with treeless saddles, too. 
If you need to improve the fit of your saddle, this Ultra ThinLine Felt Liner Pad is shimmable. Shims are sold separately. To make fit adjustments, order Front shims to lift the front, Rear shims to act as a riser, or Bridge shims that fill in the center for horses with sway back. Over time, the horse's topline may improve enough due to lifting and rounding to allow the rider to remove the shims. ThinLine pad shims are inserted inside an open space within the pad and can be adjusted to the exact placement you need. The inserts will not shift. Ultra ThinLine Felt Liner comes in Black. This ThinLine western pad can be shimmed with these Ultra ThinLine Felt Liner Shims available at Mary's.

  • ThinLine #7340
  • Felt Liner Western Pad measures 30" x 31"
  • Shims sold separately