Total Energy & Stamina


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Total Energy & Stamina by Ramard

Total Energy & Stamina from Ramard is a fast acting oral paste that supports increased energy and stamina in performance horses. The ingredients in Total Energy & Stamina work by eliminating lactic acid in muscles, converting energy, and lowering blood pressure through vasodilatation, the widening of blood vessels.

Key ingredients in Total Energy & Stamina supplement include Adenosine -5- monophosphate (AMP-5), involved in energy metabolism and improved blood flow to the horse's heart, muscles, legs, and hooves. With increased blood supply comes greater oxygen and nutrient availability and less heart strain. Total Energy & Stamina includes B vitamins and amino acids for complete balanced energy.

Try Ramard Total Energy & Stamina for your horse that is prone to tying up, muscle fatigue, and low energy. It can be given 24 hours prior to competition and again 4 hours prior to the event. Contains no prohibited substances. As always, check with your sport's governing board for the final word.

  • One 15cc oral syringe
  • Peppermint flavor
  • Helps eliminate lactic acid
  • Increases blood flow, decreases blood pressure
  • No prohibited substances
  • Can be used for dogs, too!
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