The Missing Link Smartmouth Dental Chews

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The Missing Link Smartmouth Original Dental Chews

With Smartmouth Original Dental Chews from The Missing Link, you'll help your dog achieve better health with cleaner teeth and reduced plaque and tartar buildup. Dogs need regular dental care from the veterinarian but there is a lot owners can do to maintain clean, healthy teeth. These delicious dental chews have textured grooves that help surround the teeth while chewing for better cleaning.

  • Unique ridges and textured grooves
  • Balanced omegas
  • Glucosamine
  • Long lasting
  • Delicious
  • Made in USA

Not only do Smartmouth Dental Chews get your dogs teeth clean, the added Omega Fatty Acids and Glucosamine improve skin and coat, mobility, and joint comfort. The balanced nutritional ingredients support good energy and attitude. With regular use, The Missing Link Smartmouth Dental Chews can improve gum health and maintain clean teeth longer. Best of all, your dog will love the taste! Teeth cleaning dental chew sticks for dogs are available in different sizes for all breeds of dogs.

(No reviews yet)