Sharon Camarillo Horsemanship Vol 2 DVD

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Sharon Camarillo Horsemanship Volume 2 DVD

This Sharon Camarillo Performance Horsemanship Series, Volume 2, DVD draws on valuable information from Sharon's "Ride the West" barrel racing clinic. Volume 2 from this series focuses on developing skills that are key to balanced riding and improved performance. Top barrel racer Sharon Camarillo shows common problems and how to correct them.

Not just a "barrel racing" DVD, this is a great resource for riders in many disciplines as it covers sills that are universal to horsemanship. It demonstrates clinic exercises to improve impulsion and collection as well as breaking down maneuvers that apply to the approach, rate, and turn in a barrel pattern. The Sharon Camarillo Performance Horsemanship Volume 2 DVD gives riders tools to improve their riding and their ability to get the most from their horse.

  • Volume 2, single DVD
  • Produced by Reinsman
  • Sealed in plastic that has a few scuffs
  • DVD is unopened and unused