Schutz Bros Diamond Bubble Show Halter

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Schutz Brothers Diamond Bubble Show Halter

This Schutz Brothers Diamond Bubble Western Show Halter in Chestnut features lavish engraved silver with bubble accents on raised diamonds. Stunning Schutz Brothers leather show halter is designed to be noticed in the show pen! The Diamond Bubble Show Halter features beautiful scalloped buckles with raised bubble edge. It offers fuller coverage 7/8" bars and throat accent piece.

Wonderful Schutz Brothers show halter has heavy doubled leather. The noseband and cheeks have Chicago screw ends for the silver overlay; the screws provide a little extra pressure allowing the handler to use the lightest touch. Schutz Brothers Diamond Bubble Show Halter in Chestnut is a discontinued style and there's only one in stock- get it while you can!

  • Average Horse size
  • Rich chestnut leather
  • Lavish silver accents
  • Adjustable crown, throat, chin